We are passionate about helping the underdogs, Canberra’s small and medium businesses, to grow.

Canberra’s Critique Accounting & Bookkeeping started when an accountant asked a business owner “Who is doing your books? I have to meet them!”

Our owner was working full-time but doing her partner’s books in the evenings. His accountant was so impressed with the books that he demanded to meet the bookkeeper.

“Your work is awesome. Why are you working for someone else 70-80 hours per week?” he asked.

So Critique Accounting & Bookkeeping was born and now boasts a dedicated team of Bookkeepers who can help you.

Are you not good at keeping your business finances in order

At Critique Accounting & Bookkeeping, the more out of control your records are the more we like it.

It is challenging but we love being able to help you focus on what you do well and give you the ability to realistically grow your business. To do that, you need your books in order.

We love getting your dirty files, whether they be in excel or on random pieces of paper in a shoe box, and turning them into something beautiful.


Yes, beautiful. You see, we love numbers. Weird, we know, but rest assured you will get bookkeepers working on your business that take great pride in their work.

We fixed everything for him within two weeks!

One of our clients was seven years behind with his books and the ATO was knocking on his door. It wasn’t pretty. It was obvious he was stressed and had let the problem get out of control.

We fixed everything for him within two weeks! Sorted.

We can help you as well.

What is your biggest challenge right now?

We love numbers and we love people and all the different structures and challenges that get thrown at us.

We will save you time and money so that when you need to see your accountant everything will be in order.

Talk to us at no cost and no obligation.

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