People often start a business but know very little about how to manage their cash situation.

Our general bookkeeping services can help manage your finances and provide you with peace of mind to concentrate on your business.

Are you challenged by:

  • managing your cash flow;
  • preparing invoices for clients;
  • bank reconciliation;
  • tracking costs associated with individual jobs;
  • recording the payments and receipts of the business;
  • keeping track of who you owe money to;
  • keeping track of who owes you money; or
  • not having confidence that your business is making a profit?

The ATO can guesstimate your tax bill

One of the many problems we see small and medium businesses faced with is the inability to lodge their tax returns because their business books are a mess.

What some people don’t realise is that the ATO has the ability to ‘guesstimate’ your income and then your tax liability. If they believe that you have tax owing then they can simply send you a tax bill with fines and interest added.

That is more than you should be paying. Money that doesn’t stay in your business.

It could cripple your business and put your livelihood at stake.

Pay the ATO as little as possible

By having Critique Accounting & Bookkeeping manage your books, you will ensure that you only pay the ATO what you have to. No fines. No penalties. No interest.

Our General Bookkeeping services will have all your records in order so that your accountant can provide you with an efficient service and sound business advice.

We will give you a clear picture of your business.

Give us your shoe boxes, piles of invoices, paperwork, excel spreadsheets and bank statements. The messier the better for us. We love a challenge.

We will record it in professional accounting software and provide your accountant and banks with the necessary financial reports they require to support your business.

As a Registered BAS Agent with the Australian Taxation Office, we are able to lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) on your behalf and gain full access to the ATO.

Our range of general bookkeeping services

  • Cash Book – Recording the payments and receipts of the business.
  • Accounts Payable – Keeping track of who you owe money to.
  • Accounts Receivable – Keeping track of who owes money to you.
  • Bank Reconciliations – Balancing payments and deposits with bank statements.
  • Stock Control – Maintaining costs and movement.
  • Invoicing – Bill preparation to clients for services rendered.
  • Job Costing – Tracking of costs associated with individual jobs.
  • Cost Control – Implementing systems to aid cost cutting.
  • System Procedures – Determining best business practice unique to your business.
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) – Preparing and lodging monthly or quarterly BAS & IAS statements.

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